Everything about a Destination Weddings is about personal vision and choice. But one optional item is an expense you might think can be eliminated. This item is the dance floor. Do you really, really need it? Here is some suggestions on how to decide. First, look at where your reception will be held. Second, consider your guests.

1. Reception in Ballroom or on a Terrace or Pool Deck. If it is anywhere with a solid floor, the dance floor can certainly be something you could do without and your guests likely won’t know the difference. You will want to leave a large open area for dancing. Place the are in front of the DJ or somehow surround it with the tables so it is obvious that it is meant for dancing.

2. Reception in Garden – Without a dance floor here, you guest wearing high heels will be impacted. If the grass is very soft, without rocks or other debris that could hurt someone’s feet, then taking off shoes to dance on the grass might be an option. In fact, you could have a shoe stand at the entrance of the reception. Many young women might welcome this but other guests might not like it.

3. Reception on the beach – Similar to the Garden Reception, you could do a barefoot reception. For the Beach Reception, you should consider the quality of the sand. Is it hard packed like a solid floor? Is it sand that your feet sink into? Both types have their pros and cons. Hard sand would be easy to dance on for a while but eventually bottoms of feet will hurt. Soft sand would be better on the feet but hard on the calves.

4. Consider your RSVP’ed guests to best answer the questions and issues posed above.