Group Travel

Traveling with a group of friends or family a great joy for many people.  Sometimes, however, the planning can get a bit troublesome.  It takes a lot to get everyone in your group to agree on something.  Should the group join a tour or rent a villa?  What about an all-inclusive resort? Then comes the dreaded thought of trying to determine which tour, villa or resort as well as how to get everyone to the destination of choice. We have some proven methods to help you navigate all of the things that come with group travel. Whether you need 10 rooms or 100, we can help relieve your stress.

Our speciality In Group Travel is in:

  • All-Inclusive Resorts
  • Land Tours, as part of large tour bus
  • Land Tours with all private touring or small-group tours
  • Adventure Tours – Small Group or private


What Our Clients Say About Us

I contacted a few travel agents in the Austin area and Tina stood out in her response.  It wasn’t a canned response like most big agencies.  Tina was personable and requested to meet in person to get to know me, so she could plan a vacation I would enjoy.  I came to Tina with a huge task of bringing multiple families from across the U.S. together with varying budgets and family sizes.  Tina’s knowledge of family places helped us narrow down where to travel.  We wanted an all-inclusive place that had activities for children and adults.  Tina kept our budgets in mind and advised some families to purchase airfare on their own when it was more economical to do so.  Transportation to and from the resort was arranged for us.  All I had to do was show up with my
passport.  I’ll definitely be using Tina again as her knowledge makes planning much easier.

Sandie C.

Austin, TX

Stephen was such a wonderful resource from deciding what vacation to take, to keeping us up to date on the constant changes in procedures due to COVID precautions, to getting feedback from us after our cruise. He knows his clients well and was able to make some great suggestions that changed our mind on the type of vacation we wanted to go on this summer.  As soon as we made up our minds to go on a cruise, Stephen took care of the rest.  There really wasn’t anything we had to stop and try to figure out on our own.  Any possible connection or point of confusion was already taken care of before we knew to think of it.  Stephen’s work continued over a period of several months, keeping us informed every time the cruise line or any port of call changed their precautions.  As we prepared to leave, Stephen called and went through a checklist to make sure we had absolutely everything we needed. Our vacation was wonderful — partly because it all went so smoothly!  When we got back, Stephen was interested in hearing about our experiences and feedback in how the cruise line implemented the procedures.

As someone who has been on a number of cruise vacations, this one had the most complicated procedures and requirements, but because of Stephen and Specially Designed Travel, it was also the easiest!  We will absolutely book our next vacation with Stephen!

K. J. B.

Austin, TX

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