I just passed a long line of people up against the wall at the Cancun Airport. No, they weren’t being interrogated by the police. The wall has attached to it a ledge used as a table for writing. They were all filing out their health form. I had my health form and no one asked for it. Thus the frustrations of travel during a pandemic.


I also paid my Mexico Tourist Tax. Did you even know there is one? It costs 224 MXN (about $11) per person. It has not been effectively rolled out, in my opinion. Many seem not to know about it and there is no signage that I have seen at the airport. They don’t even have anyone checking to make sure it has been paid. I asked an airport employee about it and he said the airline personnel should confirm payment during the check in procedure. I have found that is not happening. So, if they aren’t checking, should you pay? I’ll leave that moral decision up to you. As for me, I will pay the tax. When we (the people) visit, we use a lot of public resources. It is only right to pay a fair share and $11 isn’t much. Just beware, it is extremely easy to find websites that are scams for this tax. I had a client call upset because I told her $11 per person and she was on a website telling her it was $38 per person. When I read the fine print, I noticed that it was the tax plus service fee. So, beware. Find the correct Mexican government website to pay the tax, get your QR code and save as a photo to your phone because some day, someone will ask for proof and you don’t want to be one of those standing against the wall completing the form.

Not the official Mexican Government Tax Website