French onion soup in France. Amazing culinary delight. Don’t you agree?  

Funny story:  the first time we were in Paris, we made the big mistake of eating the prix fixe dinners every restaurant that line the streets of St. Germain (near the Seine) has. We had the worst French onion soup I have ever tasted. That became our standard for the rest of the trip. At each meal, and for every dish, we would say things like “was it better than the French onion soup?” or “well, at least it wasn’t as bad as the French onion soup”. That was in 2007. Today, I am a better judge of where to eat and where to avoid eating in Paris. But this experience really taught me that travel is not just about a 1- or 2-week event. Travel provides a lifetime of memories that mean so much. Perhaps I don’t remember every aspect of that trip, but I remember the things that make me laugh and smile. To this very day in 2023 if my husband and I have bad meal or dish we will say … “yes, it wasn’t great, but was it as bad as the French onion soup?”.